Center Equity Activities

  • Courageous Conversations, staff-led discussions about issues regarding equity in public health research, are held regularly.
  • Book club discussions often relate to topics of equity among people of all backgrounds.

Past Events

APHA Webinar Stream: Quantifying racism to understand and address health disparities
Streamed on September 7th at 2 pm in HPDP Room 236

This webinar will provide:

  • An introduction to racism and health disparities;
  • A discussion of implementation and measurement challenges in public health research;
  • A discussion of measurement of the physiologic impacts of racism on health;
  • And lessons learned from doing the work and how to overcome challenges

Recordings of these webinars can be found here:


Courageous Conversation on Soul City, NC

Resources on Soul City can be found here: The Rise and Fall of Soul City: Planning, Politics, and Race in Recent America. Soul City Film Website.


Beyond Bias is a two-part webinar series sponsored by the National Collaborative for Health Equity (NCHE) and the Within Our Lifetime Network (WOL), in partnership with The Perception Institute.  

These webinars originally aired on September 8th and 15th, 2016. Recordings can be found here:

Part I of the Beyond Bias series will take a deep look at the science of implicit bias and how it shows up in everyday life.  The session will give particular attention to the role of implicit bias in the delivery of health care services.  And will provide a brief introduction to two different — but related and equally important — phenomena:  1) racial anxiety and; 2) stereotype threat.

Part II of the Beyond Bias series will include a short introduction to the science of implicit bias (for those who missed part I). However, the major focus of part II will be a review of strategies for reducing and/or disrupting implicit bias and the related phenomena of racial anxiety and stereotype threat.