Black and Blue Tour with Robert Porter – A distinctive walking tour on the African-American history of the University, with emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Black and Blue tour hopes to contribute to a real understanding of our African American past as we build a better Carolina and work to create a fuller perspective on our University’s history. Our guide, Robert Porter, has over thirty years of experience as a lecturer for UNC’s department of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies, winning numerous teaching awards. He remains passionate about his interests in history, public history, and African-American history, all of which go back to his grade school days.

Tours are offered each Friday and begin at 3 pm from UNC Visitors’ Center.  To reserve your space, please email us at

Carolina Hall Story 

In 1922, UNC’s Board of Trustees honored alumnus William Laurence Saunders by naming a new classroom building for him. The board cited his service in the Confederate army; his contributions as a journalist, politician, historian, and fellow trustee; and his leadership of the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina during the post-Civil War years of Reconstruction.

In 2015, the trustees withdrew that honor and renamed the building Carolina Hall. They did so on grounds that their predecessors had made a grave error in celebrating Saunders as the head of a “violent terrorist organization.”

Removing Saunders’ name was a vital step toward righting that error, but there is more to be done. Carolina Hall is a place of scholarship and learning. It has been home to the departments of History, Economics, Commerce, Rural Social Science, Sociology, Public Welfare, English, Germanic Languages, Dramatic Art, Geography, and Religious Studies. Generations of students have gathered in the building to learn about the past, grapple with contemporary problems, and prepare for responsible citizenship. The story told here is part of that work. It invites a frank examination of our past and points to the value of historical study in making a better university for today and tomorrow.


John (Yonni) Chapman’s Dissertation: “Black Freedom and the University of North Carolina, 1793-1960”


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