HPDP is organized to allow scientific, community, and policy experts to influence the research conducted within the Center, as well as to allow projects to function independently with administrative support. The Policy Board, Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), and Community Advisory Committee (CAC) allow representatives from the UNC health affairs schools, UNC researchers and the communities in which we work to guide our research. Center researchers also work closely with local health departments, community health centers, worksites, medical practices and hospitals, schools and other community agencies.

Policy Board

The UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP) was established in 1985 by the University’s Board of Governors. The Policy Board that governs HPDP includes the deans of the five health affairs schools and the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development. The Board meets twice a year and establishes the Center’s overall policies and priorities. This structure ensures that the Center and its activities are well integrated into the priorities and activities of all five health affairs schools, their departments and their constituent faculty. Leadership for the Policy Board rotates among the five deans.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides and advises the Center in the development and implementation of research, evaluation, dissemination, and training activities that support our vision and mission. The Center’s director chairs the Steering Committee that includes the deputy directors; the assistant directors of the CBPR and Evaluation cores; the director of the core research project; representatives from the five health affairs schools; selected other UNC partners (e.g., NC Institute for Public Health, Sheps Center for Health Services Research, NC Area Health Educations Center Program); the NC Division of Public Health (Chronic Disease and Injury Section Chief and Office of Healthy Carolinians Director); the NC Commission of Indian Affairs; the Community Action Council; and two other community partners.

Community Committee

The HPDP Community Committee (CC) is comprised of stakeholders essential to the mission of HPDP and the core research project, CHANGE. The goal for the HPDP CC is to provide input, community expertise and guidance to Center activities in collaboration with Core Directors, Center leadership and CHANGE PIs.