Friday, October 13, 1:00pm-2:30pm EDT

In this webinar, participants will gain knowledge of the Medicare reimbursement rules for face-to-face diabetes self-management training (DSMT) and telehealth DSMT in select practice settings.


  • Name the approved referring providers for Medicare diabetes self-management training (DSMT).
  • Describe how partnerships between public and community health agencies and Medicare Part B providers can increase the sustainability of DSMES programs.
  • Describe the beneficiary eligibility criteria for Medicare DSMT.
  • Name the 2 procedure codes used to bill Medicare for DSMT.
  • Describe 3 of the key and unique Medicare coverage guidelines for DSMT delivered via telehealth.


  • Mary Ann Hodorowicz RDN, MBA, CDE, Certified Endocrinology Coder

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Money Matters: Helping Recognized/Accredited Diabetes Self-Management Education/Training Programs Maximize Medicare Reimbursement 2nd Session

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