Topic area(s): Obesity Prevention, Physical Activity 


This targeted intervention will coordinate with co-investigators across sites to ensure standardization of agreed upon measures/methods, conduct focus groups and structured interviews for formative process, and co-lead the formative and process evaluation for the larger group and site-specific (NC). This will include: informing the larger group methods on measures for formative and process outcome evaluation measures – including measures development and analysis/report writing to inform the larger project, and guiding collection of formative and process measures for the NC sites, communicate with CSA farmers regarding the project, including recruitment of CSAs as well as technical assistance, as needed, incorporate the student education modules into UNC courses, and evaluate the modules according to the larger group metrics and disseminate results via report-writing/peer-reviewed publications, presentations at national meetings, and dissemination via other mechanisms such as the UNC-CH Center for Training and Research Translation (TRT) website.


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Alice Ammerman