The purpose of the Keys project is to evaluate the effectiveness of a nine-month intervention program that focuses on fostering health habits in children. The target sample is comprised of 165 family childcare homes encompassing 495 children between the ages of one and four years. There are five waves across 26 counties in North Carolina.


Intervention Arms: The two arms of the intervention project are Healthy Business and Healthy Home. Topics of the Healthy Business arm include record keeping, contracts and policies, and marketing, based on books by Toe Copeland. Topics of the Healthy Home arm include personal health and child health in the family childcare homes.

Primary Aims: The primary aims of the Key Project are to improve the physical activity and the dietary intake of children in family childcare homes. To assess change, measurements will be collected pre and post intervention. Changes in physical activity will be measured by Actigraph GT3X Accelerometers. Changes in dietary intake will be measured by Dietary Observations for Child Care.


Principal Investigator: Dianne Ward

Project Manager: Regan Burney