In response to request for quotation number NLM 9-150-SB (Hereafter called RFQ), this document offers the services of a team of System Dynamics (SD) and obesity experts from Virginia Tech and University of North Carolina.


Building on a unique set of capabilities in system dynamics, obesity, comparative modeling, and multi-stakeholder policy analysis, this team can very well complement the Collaborative Obesity Modeling Network (COMNet) by system dynamics modeling to inform obesity related policy.


The current proposal provides the background, capabilities, and approach of this offer. To ensure successful completion of the System Dynamics Modeling to Inform Overweight and Obesity-relevant Policy project, Dr. Ammerman will be responsible for:
a-  Acting as obesity domain expert in helping the modeling team with problem definition and model formulation.
b- Helping identify relevant literature and data sources for the team
c- Helping in assessing model validity and usefulness
d- Helping with designing policy analysis experiments
e- Contributing to writing journal articles from the project


  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute & National Institute of Health (NIH): May 19, 2010- May 31, 2012


Principal Investigator: Alice Ammerman,
(919) 966-6082