Associate ProfessorKGilbert Faculty Picture
Department of Behavioral Science & Health Education
College for Public Health and Social Justice
Saint Louis University

Dr. Gilbert’s key research interests include, social capital, health disparities, African American Men’s health, and interventions to prevent chronic diseases by:

(1) developing diverse partnerships to build community capacity to sustain health initiatives,

(2) understanding the effects of racism at individual-and-community-levels, and the various systems that reinforce racist ideologies,

(3) understanding the cultural relevance to health promotion and disease prevention, and

(4) promoting the development and enhancement of social networks to improve health behaviors.

Dr. Gilbert’s work draws on inter-disciplinary training in Biology, African American Studies, Public Affairs and Public Health to investigate the intersection of racial identity, racial socialization, and structural racism as an important, yet unexplored, social determinant of African American male’s health across the lifecourse. Part of understanding this intersection is to understand cultural and structural changes within African American communities over time and to better understand the opportunities and limitations of male’s participation in formal organizations, social networks and systems of social support where they live, work and play

Dr. Gilbert currently teaches an introduction to Behavioral Science and Eliminating Health Disparities.  He is a member of the American Public Health Association and the Society for Public Health Education. He holds leadership positions on the City of St. Louis Department of Health’s Joint Boards of Health and Hospitals, Society for Public Health Education Board of Trustees, and Faith Communities United.