Sayde Paez Errickson
Sayde Paez Errickson

Assistant Professor
Division of Physical Therapy
Department of Allied Health Sciences
School of Medicine
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Sadye Paez Errickson’s research interests focus on applied health promotion interventions in physical activity to establish cultures of wellness in a range of community settings.  Her research interests include investigating the reciprocity between the environment, individual physical activity behavior, and subsequent health outcomes, specifically obesity and related behavioral risks across the life span and especially among minority and underserved populations.  Her interests also include analyzing leadership strategies, particularly issues related to cultural competence, which contribute to creating and establishing norms for cultures of wellness in organizations and communities which might include employer, school, and/or community physical activity programs. Dr. Paez Errickson is a UNC K30 Clinical Research Trainee Scholar.

Dr. Paez Errickson holds a PhD in human movement science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and is currently completing a master’s degree in public health leadership.  She is a licensed physical therapist.

Dr. Paez Errickson serves on the Physical Activity Work Group of the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities and has served on the Board of Directors of Partnerships in Assistive Technology.