The Data Capture Services Unit serves the data collection needs for research projects in the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.  Using TeleForm® software, we are prepared to move your project seamlessly from draft forms of data collection instruments to datasets that can be analyzed to answer your research questions. The unit uses Teleform® to design and process forms that can be scanned.  HPDP provides web-based applications to manage research data for its projects.  In addition, HPDP utilizes a secure, encrypted MS SQL database server to store all HPDP research data. This technology allows us to process large volumes of data with speed and accuracy.

What is TeleForm®?

TeleForm® is a software package we utilize to create data collection instruments that turn paper forms into digital information through the use of a scanner.  This technology allows us to process large volumes of data with speed and accuracy.

What advantages does TeleForm® offer?

  • Saves money—60%-80% reduction in the costs associated with manually typing data from paper forms
  • Saves time—large volumes of data can be rapidly processed for immediate use in tailored messages or tracking programs
  • Increases accuracy—built-in range checks prompt human review of misinterpreted data  (One customer documented our error rate at 0.37%.)
  • Streamlines data cleaning—out of range values for choice fields are a thing of the past

What can the Data Capture Services Unit do for my project?

  • Assist in designing your data collection instruments
  • Custom-print data collection instruments–participant ID numbers and/or other relevant information can be merged onto the documents to suit your project needs
  • Scan and verify your data
  • Provide on-line code books of each data collection instrument for easy access by all project staff
  • Archive tiff images of each scanned data collection instrument

Who do I contact to learn more?

Anne Cole manages the Data Capture Services Unit.  She can be reached by: