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Al Richmond
Al Richmond

Researchers at the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention partner with community leaders to address urgent health issues in communities across the state and nation. Last fall, one of HPDP’s community partners was honored for his leadership by receiving an award named for another of our longtime partners.

Al Richmond, President of the NC Institute of Minority Economic Development, received the Lucille Webb award in November from the National Community-Based Organization Network. The award, which is presented annually to an individual who exemplifies community leadership in Community–Based Public Health, is named for Lucille Webb, a North Carolina community health advocate and another longtime research partner with HPDP.

Webb is a founding member and president of Strengthening the Black Family, Incorporated, a 501C(3) nonprofit community–based networking organization. Webb has been a community partner working with HPDP for many years, on projects focused on reducing health disparities and empowering disadvantaged populations to advocate for their own health.

Richmond said when his name was called he was in complete shock.

“I just immediately felt a profound appreciation that my colleagues would honor me in this way,” said Richmond. “I hope it brings to national forefront the kind of issues Ms. Webb has devoted her life to.”

Richmond is the first North Carolinian to receive the award in its six-year history.

“The fact that we’re both from Triangle and we work with UNC, really speaks to role of UNC community leaders are taking nationally,” Richmond said.

Richmond said his work alongside Webb at Strengthening the Black Family and The National Community-Based Organization Network has largely influenced his work to address health disparities.

“Her work in public health had a big impact on me,” said Richmond. “Her work in her retirement really amazes me and continues to inspire me.”

Mrs. Webb is a retired social studies teacher and personnel administrator of the Wake County North Carolina School System. She holds a master’s degree in education and is certified by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in Education Administration and Supervision.

Richmond says he remembers Webb’s devotion of countless hours to helping others, working on boards, commissions, and task forces, and networking with organizations to plan, implement, and monitor programs that impact health, family life, and education.

“I really admire Ms. Webb a lot and to receive the award is quite an honor,” said Richmond. “She is such a trailblazer. It just speaks to the great work happening throughout the state and in partnership with UNC.”


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