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Student typing on laptop in college classroom
Views of Andrew Reynolds class at the FedEx Global Education Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Members of the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention family will be teaching various courses in nutrition, health behavior, research methodologies and epidemiology at the University in Spring 2015.

EPID 810

Course name/number: EPID 810
Department: Epidemiology
Title: Physical Activity Epidemiology and Public Health
HPDP-affiliated instructors: Derek Hales PhD, Temitope Erinosho PhD, Dianne Stanton Ward EdD
Course description: Prerequisite, EPID 600[160] or equivalent. This course provides an overview of major issues in physical activity measurements, population distributions, correlations and both physical and economic impacts.

Dianne Ward headshot
Dianne Ward, EdD

HBEH 710

Course name/number: HBEH 710
Department: Health Behavior
Title: Community Capacity, Competence, and Power: Community-Based Participatory Research and Photovoice
HPDP-affiliated instructors: Alexandra Lightfoot, EdD, Eugenia Eng, DrPH, MPH
Course description: The nature and delineation of participatory action research and its relevance to concepts, principles, and practices of community empowerment. Students learn methods (such as photovoice) through learning projects.

Eugenia Eng Headshot
Eugenia Eng, DrPH

NUTR 780

Course name/number: NUTR 780
Department: Nutrition
Title: Public Health Entrepreneurship
HPDP-affiliated instructors:
Alice Ammerman, DrPH, MPH

Alice Ammerman Headshot
Alice Ammerman, DrPH, MPH

NUTR 245

Course name/number: NUTR 245
Department: Nutrition
Title: Sustainable, Local Food Systems – Intersection of local foods and public health
HPDP-affiliated instructors: Molly De Marco, PhD, MPH, Alice Ammerman, DrPH, MPH
Course description: This course examines the health, economic, and environmental impacts of our current food system with a focus on current efforts to build a more local, equitable, and sustainable food system.

Molly DeMarco Headshot
Molly De Marco, PhD, MPH

NUR 962

Course name/number: NUR 962
Department: School of Nursing
Title: Systematic Literature Review and Developing Specific Aims
HPDP-affiliated instructors: Jennifer Leeman, DrPH, MDIV

Jennifer Leeman Headshot
Jennifer Leeman, DrPH, MDIV

PUBH 715

Course name/number: PUBH 715
Department: Public Health Leadership Program
Title: Communication for health-related decision making
HPDP-affiliated instructors: Stacy Sheridan MD, MPH
Course Description: Theories and principles of communication tailored to health providers’ needs to communicate health risks, benefits and outcomes to patients and families.

Stacey Sheridan Headshot
Stacy Sheridan, MD, MPH


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