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The Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care program, currently known as Go NAPSACC, recently revamped their website. Besides the updated look, the new renovations to the website also make it more compatible with mobile devices. Success stories accompanied by videos of actual program participants on the front page of the website highlight the triumphs of NAP SACC.

NAPSACC was created in 2002 as a joint effort between childhood obesity researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill and employees of the Nutrition Services branch at the North Carolina Division of Public Health. In 2005, the team received funding for a Special Interest Project through the CDC Prevention Research Center fund. Read more about the CDC grant here.

The program is rooted in perspectives of early care and education providers, families, and experts in child health and education. The NAPSACC team consolidated these perspectives into a set of best practices with current research and national standards in mind. The goal of these practices is to help early care providers make improvements in their nutrition and physical activity with the idea that healthier child-care providers leads to healthier children.

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