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Stephanie Wheeler and Justin Trogdon of the University of North Carolina were awarded CDC funding for SIP 17-004, Assessing the Lifetime Economic Burden in Younger, Midlife, and Older Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer. The economic cost data produced by this study will help decision makers allocate scarce public health resources more effectively for the prevention and treatment of mestastics breast cancer (mBC). For example, the cost projections can highlight cost drivers for women with mBC and motivate population-level prevention, early detection, and timely treatment activities. This study will also identify cost-effective treatment pathways to improve quantity and quality of life among women of all ages with mBC to ensure that women with mBC receive high-quality care while minimizing the economic impact on patients and payers. In addition, findings can be used to support value-based pathway driven treatment decisions and inform policymaking.

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