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SIP 14-032: Assessing the Effects of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) Among Lower-Wage Workers

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The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) was originally developed for older adult populations and was shown to yield long-term positive health-related outcomes across a range of chronic disease conditions. The purpose of the proposed research was to extend the CDSMP to lower-wage populations (aged 40-64 years) by partnering with public libraries and employment support networks in select North Carolina counties. The specific aims were to (1) test the effects of the CDSMP on employment and health outcomes among lower-wage working adults at 6 and 12 months from baseline and explore the extent to which they are modified by select sociodemographic, chronic conditions, and work-related factors; (2) conduct an economic evaluation of the CDSMP for employers, the health care system, and state governments; and (3) assess factors associated with the reach, effectiveness, adoption, and implementation of the CDSMP among lower-wage workers using social marketing strategies designed to overcome program-engagement and participation challenges that exist in this population. 

Research Areas 

Cardiovascular Health, Obesity, and Diabetes
Health Equity

Additional Topics

Principal Investigator

Shawn Kneipp, PhD, ARNP


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention