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Breastfeeding, Antiretrovirals, and Nutrition Study (BAN)

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The BAN Study was a randomized study based in Malawi that examined interventions to decrease mother to child transmission of HIV through breastmilk as well as interventions to decrease maternal morbidity during breastfeeding. The study objectives included (1) to evaluate the efficacy of a high-calorie, micronutrient-fortified nutritional supplement for preventing maternal depletion when given to HIV-infected women who breastfeed; (2) to evaluate the safety and efficacy of maternal or infant antiretroviral regimens, taken for up to 28 weeks during breastfeeding, in reducing infant HIV infection rates at 28 weeks; and (3) to evaluate the feasibility of exclusive breastfeeding for 24 weeks followed by rapid breastfeeding cessation over a 4 week period.

Research Areas 

Children’s Health
Nutrition and Physical Activity

Additional Topics

Principal Investigator

Charles van der Horst, MD


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


UNC-Project Malawi