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Evaluating the effect of regulatory strategies to reduce illegal Internet cigarette, alcohol and opiate sales

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The study examined the sales and marketing practices of Internet Cigarette Vendors (ICVs) and their impact on public health and policy issues, such as cigarette excise tax evasion and youth access prevention, as well as attempting to learn more about how Internet vendors of all illicit materials can be better regulated. Using state of the art techniques, the study identified, catalogued, archived, and analyzed more than 2,800 ICV websites since its inception. The research generated by the study brought the regulation of Internet cigarette sales to the attention of many state and federal legislators and contributed to a regulatory climate surrounding Internet cigarette sales that is ever-changing and developing as public health advocates attempt to effectively address the important issues of preventing tax evasion and youth access via Internet cigarette sales.

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Principal Investigator

Kurt Ribisl, PhD


Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


Internet Sales of Cigarettes to Minors
Internet Cigarette Sales: Briefing to the Congressional Task Force on Tobacco and Health