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Project Title

Healthy Child Weight Through Improved Parent Practices and Environmental Change

Funding Dates



This project tested the efficacy of an 8-month parenting for healthy weight intervention to help parents improve their family management and parenting skills in order to make positive changes in the nutrition and physical activity environment at home. The intervention taught more effective parenting skills (e.g., time management and communication), then applied the skills to specific parenting practices that encourage healthier nutrition and physical activity behaviors. The intervention was delivered through group sessions and tailored phone calls facilitated by a trained parent educator. The intervention was guided by the Integrative Model of Parenting, which highlights the importance of parenting values, style and practices in child socialization, and Self-Determination Theory, which suggests ways to foster autonomous motivation to adopt new behaviors. The intervention helped parents learn skills to reduce their parenting-related stress and create home environments that support healthy-weight behaviors.

Research Areas 

Cardiovascular Health, Obesity, and Diabetes
Children’s Health
Nutrition and Physical Activity

Principal Investigator

Diane Ward, EdD


National Institutes of Health