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Project Title

Center to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease Disparities: Genes, Clinics, and Communities

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Heart Healthy Lenoir implemented an integrated set of 3 interdisciplinary studies to create innovative, evidence- and community-based strategies to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Lenoir County by using a participatory research approach. Project goals were to (1) determine genetic factors associated with CVD risk; (2) understand the individual, social, and economic determinants of poor health outcomes and the potential social and community capital that can support multi-level change; (3) work with community leaders, health professionals, and citizens to apply these understandings to improve practice-based management of hypertension and community-based lifestyle management and test the impact on reducing health disparities in CVD risk factors among 700 participants; (4) test the impact, reach, adoption, and sustainability of clinical, community-level, and policy interventions, including economic development potential; and (5) develop strategies for translation and dissemination of the clinic-based and community-level interventions to other underserved regions.

Research Areas 

Cardiovascular Health, Obesity, and Diabetes
Health Equity
Nutrition and Physical Activity

Additional Topics

Principal Investigator

Alice Ammerman, DrPH


National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute