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Project Title

Intensive Behavioral Weight Management in Public Health Settings

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The overall goal of the translational research was to evaluate the processes and outcomes of implementing, in a range of public health agencies, an intense, evidence-based behavioral weight loss intervention with demonstrated effectiveness among midlife low-income women. Originally studied in a single coordinated community health care center/church setting and delivered by research staff (i.e., Weight-Wise Pilot Study), we evaluated the translation of and tested the effectiveness of this intervention as implemented by existing staff in a range of county health departments supported by local community resources. The primary study outcome was weight change; secondary outcomes included change in blood pressure, dietary intake, physical activity, and quality of life measures.  

Research Areas 

Cardiovascular Health, Obesity, and Diabetes
Health Equity

Nutrition and Physical Activity
Rural Health
Additional Topics

Principal Investigator

Carmen Samuel-Hodge, PhD, MS, RD


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention