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Project Title

Multi-Level Communication Strategies to Promote HPV Vaccination Uptake

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This project refined the Announcement Approach Training, used to teach providers to effectively recommend HPV vaccination to parents of adolescents, and identified specific messages to help providers address hesitant parents’ concerns. First, the research team conducted an environmental scan and content analysis of 272 unique messages used by providers to address HPV vaccine with families. The team then developed a national survey to test 28 of these messages that address the seven most common concerns expressed by parents around HPV vaccination, as well as the individual components of the communication strategy. Results of the survey were used to revise the communication training on how to raise the topic of HPV vaccination using presumptive announcements and how to address parent hesitancy using Connect, Clarify, and Counsel steps. The seven messages that were most effective in addressing parents’ concerns are also included in the training. The research team has conducted trainings in 13 states with over 1,000 vaccine providers.

Research Areas 

Cancer Prevention and Control

Principal Investigator

Noel Brewer, PhD


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention