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NC WAY to Health

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WAY to Health logoNC WAY to Health examined the outcomes of four worksite wellness interventions on weight loss and other health factors. The study was conducted in 12 North Carolina community colleges and universities. NC WAY to Health investigated the effects of environmental change programs, web-based weight loss programs, and incentives on participating employees’ weight, physical activity and nutritional habits. The effects of these strategies on the campus environment were also studied. Primary outcomes were related to the percentage of weight loss for each intervention. Secondary outcomes included nutrition and physical activity behavior changes, productivity, medical visits, absenteeism, and quality of life. A thorough cost analysis and cost-effectiveness study was also completed. Partners in the effort included the NC Community College System, the NC University System, the Research Triangle Institute, the State Health Plan, the NC State Department of Health, and NC Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Research Areas 

Cardiovascular Health, Obesity, and Diabetes
Nutrition and Physical Activity
Additional Topics

Principal Investigator

Laura Linnan, ScD, CHES


National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute