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Project Title

Quick CHEF

Funding Dates



The Quick CHEF (Cost-efficient, Healthy, Easy Food) program was conducted to provide healthy food access to low-income consumers through nutrition and cooking education to SNAP beneficiaries and those eligible using various facilities throughout Warren County, NC. In addition to increasing access to affordable, healthy foods (specifically locally-grown, in-season foods), participants were taught basic meal preparation and nutrition skills using Cooking Matters Side-By-Side curriculum. By working directly in communities such as Warren County, the program worked to reduce health disparities through an emphasis on community-based participatory research.

Research Areas 

Health Equity
Healthy Food Access
Nutrition and Physical Activity
Rural Health

Principal Investigator

Molly DeMarco, PhD, MPH


NC Department of Social Services (DSS) via funding from the USDA; North Carolina State University via funding from the Kellogg Foundation