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Reducing CVD Risk among Women Accessing Reproductive Health Services

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The purpose of the study was to develop and evaluate a program to improve screening for chronic disease risk factors at Title X clinics, to facilitate and monitor referrals to insure risk factors are treated to goals, and to provide risk reduction counseling, as appropriate. Phases I and II of the III phase study were conducted at the Pitt County Health Department in Greenville, NC. During Phase I (Year 1), formative research was conducted to assess health department and community resources relevant to screening, referral, and risk reduction counseling as well as patient barriers and facilitators of lifestyle change. Phase II (Years 2, 3) included the screening and rescreening (at one year follow-up) of 1000 participants who use reproductive health services for high blood pressure, abnormal blood lipids, high blood glucose, obesity, and smoking. Those with screening values requiring medical management were entered into a program of case management. In addition, 200 participants at increased CVD risk were enrolled into a year-long lifestyle intervention program that focused on improving diet quality and increasing physical activity. In Phase III (Year 4), English and Spanish versions of a lifestyle intervention in a dissemination-ready format were created, and the feasibility of this program was tested at the Durham County Health Department in Durham, NC.

Research Areas 

Cancer Prevention and Control
Cardiovascular Health, Obesity, and Diabetes
Health Equity

Nutrition and Physical Activity

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Principal Investigator

Thomas Keyserling, MD, MPH


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention