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SIP 14:030, UNC Coordinating Center of the Workplace Health Research Network

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Logo for the Workplace Health Research NetworkThe Workplace Health Research Network (WHRN) engaged employers, employees, and communities to advance knowledge and implement effective, comprehensive and integrated approaches to promote and protect worker health, safety and well-being. National study survey data was analyzed and 12 in-depth interviews were conducted to identify data-driven ways to increase the capacity of state health departments to reach, adopt, implement and sustain evidence-based workplace health and safety approaches, especially among small employers.  Specific aims included (1) providing leadership and coordinating efforts to establish and sustain a new WHRN; (2) contributing to the development of an applied worksite chronic disease prevention research agenda that addresses multiple disease endpoints, conditions, and risk factors; (3) engaging key stakeholders, partners, affiliates and potential users of the WHRN deliverables to augment the network; (4) helping to identify and disseminate a wide array of products, policy briefs, and other materials designed to improve workplace health; and (5) establishing a mechanism for monitoring progress and evaluating the impact WHRN.

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Principal Investigator

Laura Linnan, ScD


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Workplace Health Research Network