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Project Title

Innovative Community Supported Agriculture Cost-Offset Intervention to Prevent Childhood Obesity and Strengthen Local Agricultural Economies

Funding Dates



The project examines whether subsidizing the cost of Community Support Agriculture (CSAs), integrated with tailored education: (1) increases consumption of fruits and vegetables, (2) substitutes fruits and vegetables for more energy-dense foods, and (3) improves overall diet quality and energy balance, thus helping children maintain healthy body weights. The current knowledge gap of how cost-offset CSAs (“CO-CSAs”) contribute to local agricultural economies is also examined. The research includes formative evaluation with farmers who currently have a CO-CSA program in place as well as observation of dietary behaviors among existing CO-CSA consumers. The research also includes economic analysis to evaluate the impact of CO-CSAs for farmers and communities. Cornell University is leading the multi-site trial, and partnering institutions include University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Vermont, and Evergreen State College.

Research Areas 

Cancer Prevention and Control
Cardiovascular Health, Obesity, and Diabetes
Children’s Health
Health Equity
Healthy Food Access
Nutrition and Physical Activity
Rural Health

Principal Investigator

Alice Ammerman, DrPH


US Department of Agriculture