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Project Title

Randomized Explanatory Trial of a Mediterranean Dietary Pattern Weight Loss Intervention for Primary Care Practices (Diversity Supplement – Weight Loss in Men)

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Approximately 43% of men are affected by obesity, but they are less likely than women to participate in weight loss studies. The goal of this project is to identify what factors within a family behavioral context are associated with successful weight loss in men. Identifying these factors could lead to improved weight-loss interventions designed specifically for men. This project is part of the Delicious Eating for Life in Southern Homes (DELISH) study. The DELISH study is investigating whether a Mediterranean diet that is adapted for the Southeastern United States can lead to weight loss. The “Med-South” weight loss program will be compared to other standard weight loss programs like Weight Watchers. ™

Research Areas 

Cardiovascular Health, Obesity, and Diabetes
Nutrition and Physical Activity

Principal Investigator

Candice Alick, PhD


National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)


Med-South Lifestyle Program