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Photo of people in a community garden with raised beds

The UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention’s Food, Fitness and Opportunity Research Collaborative aims to build economic security, improve health outcomes and contribute to community-based research literature to address those affected by inequity in North Carolina. We achieve these goals by collaborating with representatives from all affected groups and focusing on our key strategies. 

Together We Can …

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Together We Grow

We work alongside community partners to grow and harvest healthy foods while promoting local economies and creating economic opportunities for small farmers.


Icon of a shopping cart

Together We Shop

Behavioral economics and social marketing are key components to making healthy food choices. We collaborate with business owners and marketing professionals to find ways to make shopping for healthy food easy and affordable.


No Kid Hungry Logo: apple core that also looks like a cutout of kids' faces

Together We Fight Hunger

Our team seeks to end hunger in North Carolina and around the country by helping to identify innovative solutions to food insecurity and food access with a special focus on ending hunger for children. Carolina Hunger Initiative focuses on increasing access to healthy foods served through underutilized federal child nutrition programs statewide and provides nutrition education in Orange County.


Icon of a listening ear

Together We Listen

We facilitate community conversations on the relationship between poverty, racism and food insecurity to develop action plans to strengthen community food access.


Icon of athletic shoe

Together We Move

We develop coalitions that address the intersection of health and the built environment to create community spaces where people can be active.



Map showing locations of FFORC projects in North Carolina. Child Nutrition and Healthy Retail are statewide projects. In Rockingham County: community gardens and community circles. In Warren County: community gardens, community circles, and food policy councils. In Martin County: community gardens. In Lenoir County: community gardens, community circles, and communities on the move. In Duplin County: community gardens and community circles. In Sampson County: community gardens and community circles. In Orange County, community gardens, community circles, communities on the move, food policy councils, and social marketing. In Hoke County: community gardens. In Richmond County: community gardens.

A Look Back…