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Southern food. Mediterranean style.

The Med-South Lifestyle Program blends a Mediterranean style of eating with traditional Southern food culture to help people eat healthier and become more physically active. The program is proven to help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and improve outcomes for those living with these conditions. Think healthier fats, and healthier cooking techniques, and finding natural ways to incorporate regular movement into your day.

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Backed by 30 years of research.

Med-South is designed with the precision of thirty years of dedicated research by eminent professionals at the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP). The Med-South format has been widely tested in a variety of clinical and community settings in NC for over two decades and adopted by many state and local health departments and cardiac rehab programs across the country. Researchers continue to update the program in accordance with the scientific literature on healthy eating, physical activity, and related health outcomes.

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Success Stories



Meet Sondra Early

A retiree from Greenville, North Carolina, Sondra overcame a nine-day coma and a heart disease diagnosis to transform her lifestyle. After suffering strokes and being diagnosed with heart disease, Sondra sought change and discovered the Med-South Program through a TV ad. With the guidance of this program and a coach, Sondra was able to address her heart disease, high blood pressure, and overall health concerns. Her infectious enthusiasm is complemented by her favorite mantra: “staying alive, staying alive.” Sondra recognizes the crucial link between a healthy lifestyle and longevity.

“If you’re serious about living longer, invest the time in programs like Med-South.”


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