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Monthly, Individual Counseling Sessions.

A health counselor delivers the Med-South Lifestyle Program in four monthly, individual counseling sessions that last between 45 and 60 minutes. Each lesson includes a brief dietary assessment, background information, and goal-setting guidance. The sessions incorporate behavioral approaches targeting motivation, self-efficacy, and self-regulation skills. Sessions also cover problem-solving and self-monitoring skills to address challenges to making changes in eating habits and physical activity behaviors. The delivery of MSLP can also occur in a group format.


Graphic of a woman attending a virtual meeting on her computer.


Phone Call Check-ins

Health counselors conduct brief, 15-minute phone calls between monthly, individual counseling sessions to go over individual progress in reaching goals and troubleshoot to solve challenges.




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Manual and Cookbook

Participants receive a manual, which covers both nutrition and physical activity guidance. The manual is written on a fifth to sixth grade reading level and available in English or Spanish. Participants also receive a cookbook. It is also recommended that participants be given a resource manual with information on community resources to help make behavior changes.



Graphic of a Med South manual booklet.