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Adam Goldstein Headshot

Department of Family Medicine
School of Medicine

Adam Goldstein’s recent research interests include tobacco addiction, treatment and tobacco policy; as well as prevention and treatment of obesity.

Dr. Goldstein received his doctorate from the Medical College of Georgia. He is a professor of Family Medicine at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Dr. Goldstein founded the Tobacco Intervention Programs and the Weight Management Program at the UNC School of Medicine, and he is the founder and Host of UNC Health Care’s YOUR HEALTH®, a weekly one hour radio show for patients and citizens across North Carolina.

Dr. Goldstein has published over 200 scientific articles, essays, book chapters and books, including in Journal of the American Medical Association, the American Journal of Public Health, and New England Journal of Medicine. His research has been featured on CNN, CBS evening news and in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Goldstein has taught internationally on leadership development, health care reform and clinical medicine in Haiti, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Argentina, Chile and Israel.

Dr. Goldstein has led state and national community service organizations, including SAVE, Survivors and Victims of Tobacco Empowerment. He was the Director of the free indigent clinic in Chapel Hill for 18 years, and he is the recipient of the Chancellor’s Award for Community Service from the University of North Carolina, the Ned Brooks Service Award, a Certificate of Service from Governor Hunt, and the Young Leadership and Evans Award from the Jewish Federation.