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Montika Bush Headshot

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine

Montika Bush, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the UNC School of Medicine. Her research interests include supporting the optimal use of health care services for patients following an acute cardiovascular event by investigating factors that account for differences in health outcomes, examining the real-world effectiveness of health care service interventions on health outcomes, and exploring the effect of heterogeneity of interventions on health outcomes by subpopulations such as sex and rurality. As a trained epidemiologist, statistician, and engineer with a passion for helping people, Dr. Bush seeks to improve population health by generating relevant population-level knowledge to inform providers and patients when making decisions about post-event care. To date, her research has largely focused on the utilization of guideline-recommended medications and cardiac rehabilitation participation among Medicare recipients. In her free time, Dr. Bush enjoys cooking, music-related activities, and volunteering in the local community.