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Thomas Keyserling Headshot

Professor of Medicine
Division of General Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology
school of medicine

Thomas Keyserling has been responsible for much of the design, implementation, and analysis components of several NIH, CDC, and NCI funded randomized trials testing behavioral interventions to reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Most recently, he has focused on interventions promoting a healthful dietary pattern that is associated in the literature with reduced rates for many chronic diseases (cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer) and with lower rates of premature mortality.  In 2019, he and  Dr. Carmen Samuel-Hodge as Co-PIs, received funding from NIH (National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) to conduct a randomized trial assessing a weight loss intervention promoting a healthful dietary pattern.

Dr. Keyserling is an active primary care internist and preceptor for internal medicine residents at the UNC General Medicine Clinic in Chapel Hill. He also is a longstanding member of the UNC Institutional Review Board.