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HPDP has a rich history of translating and disseminating prevention research findings into practice. Evidence-based interventions, best practices and strategies, and other materials are translated into user-friendly formats for use by various partners and adapted to different populations. Critical to translation success is partner engagement, beginning in the early development or design of the work and extending to the engagement of potential adopters or implementers. HPDP materials are disseminated to local, state, and national public health and clinical practitioners. We are happy to work with others wanting to explore opportunities for disseminating their own evidence-based programs and interventions.


Some of our current dissemination activities include:

    • Translation of the Med-South Lifestyle Program (Med-South) intervention into public health and clinical practice
    • Translation of food insecurity assessment and intervention strategies
    • Support state and local prevention programs with evidence-based strategies and interventions
    • Translation of feasible, effective healthy food access strategies and interventions
    • Dissemination of innovative initiatives linking community economic development with social entrepreneurship

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Dr. Alice Ammerman leads the Center’s Translation and Dissemination activities. The Center works with state and local public health leaders, project directors, researchers, clinical and public health practitioners, community partners, and others in translation and dissemination efforts.

Alice Ammerman, DrPH
Director, Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Lead, Translation and Dissemination