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HPDP Planning Grants

On an annual basis, HPDP accepts applications for one-year planning grants to help UNC faculty conduct pilot projects in health promotion/disease prevention research using a community engagement approach. UNC faculty who currently affiliate with the Center as Research Fellows as well as UNC faculty new to HPDP are encouraged to apply.

HPDP is interested in funding pilot projects that will lead to new applications for extramural research funding and welcomes the opportunity to assist with and administer future grant applications resulting from the pilots.

As of March 2, applications are open for the 2020 cycle. Applications close April 30, 2020. For more information, see the Request for Applications.

Past Awardees:
2019 (Inaugural Year): Addressing Basic Needs Security in UNC Students: A Formative Study, Molly De Marco, PhD


CDC Special Interest Project (SIP) Funding

Faculty at UNC are eligible to apply for Special Interest Project (SIP) Funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through HPDP. Special Interest Projects (SIPs) address a gap in scientific evidence or focus on a particular topic of interest. Researchers represent diverse medical and social science disciplines, including health promotion, epidemiology, and behavioral science.

2020 Special Interest Projects include:

  • SIP 20-001. Developing and evaluating adolescent, parent, and provider resources to improve adolescent use of sexual health services
  • SIP 20-002. Improving Cognitive Impairment Detection and Referral to Resources among Older Adults: Applying the KAER Model to Primary Care within a Health Care System
  • SIP 20-003. Improving Genetic Counseling Referrals for Early Onset Colorectal Cancer
  • SIP 20-004. Effect of Survivorship Care Plans on Cancer Mortality
  • SIP 20-005. Validity and reliability of survey measures for lung, cervical, breast, and colorectal cancer screening in the redesigned National Health Interview Survey
  • SIP 20-006. Coordinating community-clinical linkages with community health workers to improve health and social outcomes for adults with epilepsy
  • SIP 20-007. Building Capacity to Describe Epilepsy Burden by Using Underutilized National and State Data Systems
  • SIP 20-008. Validation of Self-Reported Vaccination among Adults
  • SIP 20-009. State-Based Health, Budget Impact and Cost-effectiveness of Improved Coverage and Uptake of Smoking Cessation

For more information, please refer to the full RFA for the 2020 SIPs and the summary of opportunities provided by the CDC.

If you might be interested in submitting a proposal for one of these opportunities, please refer to the important dates below. Please note that only one application per SIP is allowable. If there is interest from multiple PIs, we will do our best to coordinate efforts or if necessary, request brief applications for consideration by blinded internal reviewers to decide which proposal moves forward.

Important Dates

  • Expressions of interest to Alice Ammerman, Beverly Garcia, and Christina Rodriguez: 1/13/2020 (earlier is always better!)
  • Letter of Intent due to CDC: 01/17/2020
  • CDC Pre-Application Webinar/Information Session: 01/24/2020 (Register at:
  • Application Due Date to CDC: 02/25/2020
  • Estimated Start Date: 09/30/2020

For questions, please contact Alice Ammerman, HPDP Director (; Beverly Garcia, Managing Director of Research (; and Christina Rodriguez, Fiscal and Business Administration Manager (