The UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention’s Food, Fitness and Opportunity Research Collaborative aims to build economic security, improve health outcomes and contribute to community-based research literature to address those affected by inequity in North Carolina. We achieve these goals by collaborating with representatives from all affected groups and focusing on our key strategies:

  • Together We Grow– Our researchers help to identify ways to create sustainable solutions to growing and harvesting healthy foods while promoting local economies and creating economic opportunities for small farmers.
  • Together We Shop– Behavioral economics and social marketing are key components to making healthy food choices. Our experts collaborate with business owners, marketing professionals and farmers to find ways to make shopping for healthy food easy and affordable.
  • Together We Fight Hunger Our team seeks to end hunger in North Carolina and around the country by helping to identify innovative solutions to food insecurity and food access with a special focus on ending hunger for children.
  • Together We Listen– All of our work is rooted in community-based participatory research and community engagement, and we seek to bring together all parties impacted by changes in policies to find new and successful solutions to food policy barriers.
  • Together We Move– Physical activity is a vital part of improving health, and by collaborating with communities to find attainable and sustainable fitness opportunities, we can increase the changes of sustainable healthy changes.