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The Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention is dedicated to reducing health disparities through community-based research and initiatives. Created in 1985 by the deans of the health affairs schools at UNC-Chapel Hill, we are part of a network of CDC Prevention Research Centers.


Mother and daughter peeling yam NHLBI-NIH awards grant to a group of researchers led by Samuel-Hodge to optimize a family-based weight loss intervention for Black adults

Drs. Carmen Samuel-Hodge, Candice L. Alick (UNC), and Shiriki Kumanyika (UPenn) will  continue their work promoting healthy lifestyles among Black families. This study will optimize a behavioral weight loss intervention for Black adult family pairs or dyads. Black adults, especially … Read more

Siddharth Maruvada, Arnav Meduri, and Abhinav Meduri, the high school students who created Pantry Patrol, sort through potatoes at the Food Bank of Eastern and Central North Carolina in Raleigh. While volunteering, they’re also noting potential features that may be useful to add to their app. (photo by Elise Mahon from UNC Research) NC high school students co-publish research with HPDP Director Ammerman, community partner, and UNC doctoral student on food waste in NC food pantries

Three local high school students—Abhinav Meduri, Arnav Meduri, and Siddharth Maruvada—collaborated with Dr. Alice Ammerman, one of her students, and a Food Bank partner to publish research about food waste practices in food pantries in central and eastern North Carolina. … Read more

Pharmacy Drugstore Checkout Counter: Black Male Pharmacist Explains Use and Manual for Prescription Medicine Beautiful, Senior Female Customer Paying Using Contactless Credit Card to Terminal HPDP researchers receive a $3 million grant to study community pharmacy distribution model for colorectal cancer preventative testing

A team of HPDP researchers, in collaboration with researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, has received a five-year, $3 million R01 grant from the National Cancer Institute to study the impact of colorectal cancer screening delivered through community pharmacies in … Read more

Two cannabis packaging images that include warning labels about how cannabis can cause serious car crashes if driving under the influence. HPDP planning grant awardees propose more effective cannabis warning labels

Sarah Kowitt, PhD, MPH, and Leah Ranney, PhD, MA have found that U.S. cannabis warning labels are largely ineffective in educating consumers about health risks. Through a content analysis and focus groups, Drs. Kowitt and Ranney developed mock designs for … Read more


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