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HPDP staff offers a variety of skills and experience to support qualitative research, including consulting with faculty investigators and contributing to presentations and publications.


Qualitative data support is available for consultation at all stages of development of a study and can provide services in the following areas:

  • refining study objectives, research questions and identifying key variables,
  • choosing the data collection methods and instruments that will best accomplish the investigator’s objectives,
  • designing interview and focus group guides that are appropriate for the study design,
  • developing formative and process evaluation data collection forms
  • training interview moderator and assistants
  • conducting interviews and focus groups
  • preparing the qualitative analysis section of a grant proposal and/or study protocol,
  • managing and preparing qualitative data for analysis,
  • conducting and interpreting qualitative analyses of research data, and
  • reporting research results, including development of abstracts, presentations for professional meetings, and manuscripts submitted to professional journals.

Requesting Services

Please contact Maihan B. Vu, DrPH, MPH to discuss your project’s qualitative research needs. Dr. Vu is Director of Formative Research for the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and coordinates and provides qualitative research services to projects. When requesting support for the preparation of a grant proposal, it is essential that the investigator allow adequate time prior to the submission deadline.

QRU Staff Contact Information

Dr. Maihan B. Vu
Director of Formative Research