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Justin Trogdon Headshot

Department of Health Policy and Management
Gillings School of Global Public Health

Justin G. Trogdon is a Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at UNC-Chapel Hill. As a health economist, his current research focuses on answering policy-relevant questions in three areas:

  1. Assessing the economic burden of cancer: Understanding where health care resources are spent is a critical input for improved resource allocation. Dr. Trogdon’s research identifies diseases and payers that drive health care expenditures and motivates policies to contain costs.
  2. Evaluating the cost and cost-effectiveness of policies and interventions: Efficient allocation of resources requires that the incremental health benefit from a policy or intervention is equal to the incremental cost of the program. Dr. Trogdon’s research evaluates whether policies and interventions provide good value to society.
  3. Development of methods to identify causal effects of policies and interventions and simulate new policies: In observational data, it is often hard to attribute changes in health and health behaviors to specific policies. It is even harder to anticipate the effects of policies before they are implemented. Dr. Trogdon’s research uses novel statistical and simulation models to estimate the effects of polices.

Prior to his faculty appointment, Dr. Trogdon was a Senior Research Health Economist in the Public Health Economics Program at Research Triangle Institute (RTI International) and a visiting instructor at Duke University. Dr. Trogdon holds a B.A. in Economics from Baylor University and a M.A. and a PhD in Economics from Duke University.