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Lindy Draeger HeadshotLindy Draeger is a Research Specialist at the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, where she has worked as both a Project Director on 4 studies over the past 10 years, and in her current position across studies for the past 3 years. Before joining the FFORC team, her work focused on interventions to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease through healthy eating, physical activity, and medication adherence. Prior to that, she conducted HIV prevention research with currently and formerly incarcerated men and women. She has managed projects from the initial intervention, survey, and protocol development phase through participant recruitment, data collection, and data analysis; and has coordinated teams of health educators, research assistants, students, and co-investigators. For the FFORC team, Lindy has taken a step back from day-to-day project work to focus on budget management and seeking new funding opportunities.

Lindy received her Master’s in Public Health from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2007 and lives in Chapel Hill with her husband and two young sons. She is honored to be part of the FFORC team’s mission, and her work in public health is rooted in a lifelong desire to connect with others by understanding their unique stories, backgrounds, and circumstances.